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Ready Mix Industry

Direct Contact Water Heater

2MM BTU TE100 Direct Contact Water Heater

2MM BTU TE100 Direct Contact Water Heater


A large ready mix operation had to run their boiler all night and stored hot water at 200ºF so that they could batch for longer periods of time before the water temperature dropped below 140ºF. With the KEMCO Direct Contact Water Heater, start up is now 30 minutes prior to batching to 225 yards per hour after hour at 180ºF. This convenience is in addition to the 99.7% unit efficiency this customer is “thoroughly pleased with the performance of the KEMCO heater and are astonished with the fuel savings that we are seeing.”

“The KEMCO heater never runs out of water, and it’s the best. It runs great all winter, With my old system, even a 10,000 gallon tank would not keep up, but my KEMCO does.”

“The KEMCO water heater does a fantastic job and has a fast recovery. There is no trouble with heat. Efficiency on heating cost saved us money!”
"The KEMCO system is so efficient and fast, we don’t need to run it all weekend like we did our other system. With our KEMCO, the performance exceeded the promise.”


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