TRSA Green Innovations Article

From avoiding the release of billions of pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere, to treating billions of gallons of wastewater to keep our waterways safe, Kemco Systems has led the way in green innovation. Since entering the water and energy conservation industry in 1969 with their forward-thinking improvements to thermal energy recovery, Kemco has built an impressive catalogue of water and energy sustainability technologies to reduce impact on the environment while increasing efficiencies and lowering operating expenditures.

With water demand approaching unsustainable levels and water and compliance costs on the rise, water recycling and reuse systems are becoming a game-changer in sustainability. These systems are no longer looked at as necessary evils, but rather resource recovery centers, where recycling wastewater is beneficial to both the environment and your laundry’s bottom line.

In a competitive laundry market where pennies per pound make an impact, the savings generated from water recycling and energy recovery can be the difference between winning and losing a customer. Customers not only want quality product and cost savings; they are also demanding that their partners are stewards of the environment. By recycling water within the plant, operators can avoid discharging millions of gallons of harmful wastewater into our water streams each year.

As the cost of water continues to rise, the financial decision to invest in water recycling equipment becomes more obvious. One of the greatest challenges is the requirement for capital outlay as high upfront costs often prohibit a laundry from making the initial investment.

CONSERVE - Water Recycling as a Service

In response, Kemco has introduced its newest green innovation, CONSERVE. This program allows customers to invest in water recycling without the high upfront capital cost, all while producing the highest quality recycled water. CONSERVE is designed to be an all-inclusive monthly offering that covers equipment, installation, parts, and service at a price point that is lower than a plant’s current water costs. This allows customers to pay for the infrastructure without an impact to their income statement or balance sheet.

With the emergence of new pollutants such as PFAS and microplastics, regulatory environments are becoming a bit more challenging as well, leading many plants compelled to improve their treatment approach. Traditional dissolved air flotation technologies, media filters, or direct discharge simply will not address the contaminants that continue to prove problematic for some plants.

CONSERVE utilizes ceramic microfiltration and reverse osmosis in a patent-pending combination to remove near 100% harmful contaminants. While the benefits of compliance are a large focus in the CONSERVE program, there is an added benefit of being able to use the water within the plant for hygienically clean recycled water that is free of viruses, bacteria, hardness, PFAS, synthetic dyes, and microplastics. This high-quality recycled water improves product quality and increases customer satisfaction adding even more value to the CONSERVE program.

As we enter a new decade we continue to look forward to innovations in sustainability. Reducing usage and recycling water and energy ensure a sustainable supply of resources and it is through this lens that Kemco sees a bright future. When compliance and clear economic benefit collide, the results are extremely beneficial to the plant, its customers, its neighbors and the laundry industry as a whole.