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Arrow Linen Supply Company is a 3rd Generation family run Food and Beverage Linen Laundry in the New York City area.  In 2013 Arrow built a new plant in Garden City, NY, where at the time Nassau county had lenient limits on the discharge requirements of Arrow Linen.  As the county updated their wastewater plans and regulations, it became apparent that Arrow Linen would fall under a mandate to reduce BOD/COD discharge.  The action taken by Nassau County resulted in Arrow Linen exploring water recycling solutions that would reduce their BOD/COD limits at discharge to remain compliant with local requirements.  The leadership team at Arrow consulted with Kemco on the proper solutions and the costs they would incur and avoid by installing the needed wastewater equipment. Kemco had partnered with Arrow previously to provide the water systems at both their Brooklyn and Garden City plants.

Kemco Systems proposed both a Dissolved Air Flotation and Kemco’s Patent Ceramic Microfiltration System, followed by Reverse Osmosis as solutions.  Each technology was explored in full detail, considering operational costs of each system, effectiveness of treating for BOD/COD reduction, footprint, and overall costs of the system. Arrow’s intention was to not only be compliant but to garner as much water and energy savings as was possible.  Traditionally a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is used in these circumstances.  An effective DAF system requires space for an Equalization tank, which Arrow did not have.  Being landlocked and the cost of water and sewer expected to increase in the years ahead, Arrow Linen selected Kemco Systems Ceramic Microfiltration followed by Reverse Osmosis.  Not only could this solution fit into the plant’s existing footprint.  It presented Arrow with high quality recycled water at up to a 72% recycle rate, virtually virus free, for use in their Milnor Continuous Batch Washers and Kemco Direct Contact Water Heater.  Now the plant can meet the city BOD discharge requirements while reducing water costs.

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