Business in Focus Magazine – February 2019

50 Years of Innovation and Counting

Established in 1969, Kemco Systems came to be as energy costs and the costs associated with sewer disposal and water rose to become significant costs of doing business. As demand for its systems grew, so too did the size and capabilities of the company. Building from basic wastewater heat recovery, Kemco’s expertise expanded to include highly efficient hot water systems, stack heat recovery, and wastewater treatment and reuse solutions.

Business in Focus Magazine – December 2015

Water & Energy Solutions that make Economic and Environmental Sense

What began as an industrial water systems company focused on energy, heat recovery, and efficient water heating, Kemco Systems has come a long way since its inception. Today, the company provides innovative and efficient solutions which include wastewater treatment and reuse systems to over 5000 projects in a range of industries, such as industrial laundry, food processing, textile, and automotive industries.