Case Studies

Alsco – Footscray, Victoria, Australia

Alsco Pty Ltd has operated in Australasia since 1962, providing workwear and linen rental services to a large and diverse customer base from its Australian and New Zealand processing plants and distribution centres. Alsco’s Footscray site is home to the laundering and processing of rental clothing.

Excel Linen Supply – Kansas City, KS

Excel Linen Supply in Kansas City is the largest supplier of linens to the food and beverage industry in Kansas City and surrounding areas. After relocating their plant they were faced with very high waste water surcharges. They already had in place a Kemco DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation System) as their main treatment process. This system kept Excel in compliance with the local waste water treatment standards as far as prohibited contaminants were concerned but did not reduce enough of the dissolved contaminants to eliminate surcharges.*

South Pacific Laundry – Brunswick East, Australia

South Pacific Laundry received a grant as part of the Laundry Water Efficiency Program in 2011 to implement a Kemco two stage filtration system comprising a ceramic microfiltration (CMF) system and a reverse osmosis (RO) system to deliver water (of a higher quality than drinking water) back to laundry for reuse throughout all laundry equipment…