Featured Project | Laundry

The Solutions

Founded in 1944, this family owned commercial laundry in Richland, WA focuses on delivering excellent service as well as operating an environmentally-friendly facility.

The laundry was not using a water reuse system and discharging directly to the public sewer. High levels of FOG (fats, oils and greases) were exceeding discharge limits and leading to significant surcharges. In addition, the plant was using an excessive amount of energy heating water for operation.

After an analysis of the laundry operations, it was decided that the installation of a Ceramic Microfiltration (CMF) followed by a Reverse Osmosis System (RO) would significantly reduce contaminants in the wastewater, keeping the plant safely within city sewer discharge limits. To reduce the energy needed in water heating, a heat reclamation system was installed to preheat incoming freshwater.

The Results

With the combined CMF and RO system the laundry can reuse up to 70% of their wastewater, this translates into water savings of 250,000 gallons per week. In addition, the gas consumption for water heating purposes dropped by 20% due to the highly-efficient heat reclamation system. The systems resulted in exceptional savings and contributed to the plant’s commitment to environmentally-friendly operation, while ensuring a rapid return on investment.

Commercial Laundry – Richland, WA