Featured Project | Willow Creek

The Solutions

Concrete curing plays an important role on the strength development and durability of concrete. Desired moisture and temperature conditions are maintained for extended periods of time and must have an adequate amount of moisture for continued hydration and development of strength, volume stability, resistance to freezing and thawing, and abrasion and scaling resistance.

The 3 main functions of curing are, maintaining mixing water in concrete during the early hardening process, reducing the loss of mixing water from the surface of the concrete, and accelerating strength gain using heat and additional moisture.

Willow Creek installed a direct-fired generator, with a capacity of 2 million BTU/hr and combined it with the Monarch control system. This system will enable Willow Creek to automatize the curing process in 6 zones. and have full flexibility and control over their curing process.

The Results

Due to its high efficiency and a more accurate control system, this Minnesota concrete products producer is saving significant amounts of water and energy each month, resulting in reduced costs as well as increased reliability, minimizing the risk of costly production interruptions.

Willow Creek Concrete Products – Kimball, MN