Featured Project | Laundry

Company Description:
In 2015 a new healthcare laundry facility was founded in Skokie, IL. The company is highly specialized in providing off-site linen and laundry services for the long-term care industry. Due to increasing demand, the company needed to expand its facility and acquire new equipment. The company’s commitment to the environment and providing high-quality service, naturally led them to Kemco’s high-efficiency hot water systems.

The company invested a significant amount in its state-of-the-art plant equipment and needed a water heating system to match this high standard. Kemco’s experienced sales and engineering team worked closely with the company to develop a custom solution for the facility’s needs.

After analysis of the plant’s needs, it was agreed that the heating system would include the water softener, wastewater heat reclaimer, and direct-contact water heater, as well as tempered and hot water tanks and distribution systems.

The installation of Kemco equipment resulted not only in a more efficient and reliable operation of the laundry but also in significant cost savings. The Kemco direct contact water heater has an efficiency rating of 99.8%. In contrast, the traditional boiler technology has only 70% efficiency. This means with 96 operating hours per week, the Kemco direct-contact water heater has reduced heat by 925,000 BTUs or an annual value of $50,434. Additionally, Kemco’s wastewater heat recovery system has transferred 1,307,000 BTUs per hour or an annual value of $73,637. The total saved costs are $124,071 each year resulting in a fast ROI for the company.

Laundry – Skokie, IL