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Company Description:
This family-owned company offers a wide range of concrete products including ready-mix concrete, aggregate, and precast concrete elements. With over 70 years of experience, Seppi Brothers has solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The company chose Kemco Systems as a strategic partner to ensure that their production facility would operate on the highest efficiency level possible. Due to Kemco’s exceptional reputation in the industry, Seppi knew that Kemco would deliver a reliable solution increasing plant efficiency while minimizing operating costs.

The challenge for Seppi Brothers was to ensure a reliable heating source for use in the concrete batch process, specifically during the winter season. Kemco’s sales engineer, Bill Gallagher, worked closely with Mr. Seppi in order to develop a custom solution for the plant.

After a careful analysis of plant’s needs, it was agreed that a Vapormite steam generator would provide a reliable heat source. The Vapormite is not only ultra-reliable but also economical to operate. It produces on-demand steam, works at low pressure, and has 98% fuel efficiency.

The first Vapormite system was installed at Seppi Brothers, in 2006. Due to Kemco’s detailed analysis of plant needs, the system worked perfectly for Seppi. It provided consistent concrete production independent of external weather conditions. Seppi was so impressed by the reliability and quality of the system, that the company installed a second Kemco Vapormite system in 2011.

Seppi Brothers plant – Virginia, MN

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