Featured Project | Commercial Laundry

Start Up Date: Summer 2018

The Solutions

Soften Incoming Water
City freshwater contains high levels of calcium and magnesium that can negatively affect the performance of equipment in laundry operations. Installing a water softener removes the ions from the freshwater and makes it soft enough for downstream equipment usage, improving effectiveness in cleaning processes and minimizing fouling, scaling, thermal energy loss and damage to downstream equipment.

Heat Recovery
This New Brunswick laundry was discharging hot wastewater directly into the sewer system, which means a total loss of the heat energy from the wastewater. Installing a Heat Reclaimer System uses that wastewater’s heat energy to preheat incoming freshwater. This reduces the additional energy needed to reach desired water temperatures and results in $101,400 annual fuel avoidance.

With three boiler systems delivering 400 HP, the laundry produces a significant amount of exhaust heat that is discharged out of the stack. With the Stack Economizer in use, the flue gas energy is captured and used to preheat incoming freshwater. This gives the laundry an additional resource to capture wasted heat and reuse back into process, translating into an annual fuel avoidance savings of $25,688.

Adding the Steam Heater to this system makes the process even more efficient. Condensate from operations is trapped in the steam heater and passed onto the boiler feedwater system, preserving valuable heat energy. As a result, less energy is required for reaching desired water temperatures.

The Results
Kemco’s heat recovery solution for this laundry is projected to save the company at least $127,088 annually. This means a rapid return on investment and given the long-lasting Kemco quality, long-term savings.