Legionella Testing and Abatement

CDC Guidance on Legionella

The key to preventing Legionnaires’ disease is to make sure that building owners and managers maintain building water systems in order to reduce the risk of Legionella growth and spread.”

You can read the CDC’s Prevention with Water Management Programs website page by clicking here. 

Legionella Abatement & Water Management Plans:

Legionella outbreaks can largely be prevented with good maintenance and regular testing.     Potable water and cooling tower testing has enabled organizations to identify and eliminate the pathogen, Legionella pneumophila, responsible for potentially fatal pneumonia also known as Legionnaire’s Disease.

Potable plumbing systems require a Water Management Program to cover risks of Legionnaire’s Disease if any of the following are true:

  • A centralized hot water system supplying multiple housing units
  • More than 10 stories, this includes below grade levels
  • Residents over the age of 65
  • Inpatient healthcare facility
  • Any area(s) housing or administering care to individuals with certain health factors

Kemco provides Legionella testing and abatement services to validate water safety management plans for cooling and building water systems.  Kemco actively remediates the risk of Legionella and other harmful bacteria through prudent application of ANSI/NSF certified disinfectants.  Upon completion, the services entail post-validation testing of disinfection efficacy.

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