Low NOx Water Heating – Decreasing NOx emissions from our plants

With many states increasing their regulations of nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx), there has been a substantial interest in finding innovative technologies to decrease emissions and further environmental and sustainability goals.

Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) is created from the reaction of nitrogen and oxygen gases during combustion. Much of this NOx pollution is created by transportation, energy production and manufacturing plants during the combustion of natural gas-fired burners.

NOx can become dangerous when it reacts to the sunlight and other chemicals by creating smog and contributing to climate change. At high levels of exposure, breathing emissions can cause respiratory illness, headaches, coughing and other health complications.

The environmental concerns regarding NOx emissions from natural gas-fired burners has led several states to initiate regulations for NOx emissions. During combustion, the natural gas-fired direct contact water heater can generate between 100-120 ppm NOx. These regulations are requiring emissions to be below 30 ppm; and, in the most stringent areas, below 5 ppm.
Low NOx Results
For nearly 50 years, Kemco has offered the TE-100, at 99.8% efficiency, this direct contact water heater has become widely accepted as the most efficient means for hot water production.

In order to continue to offer the 99.8% efficient technology in areas of the country with the most restrictive emission standards the Low NOx version of the TE-100 was developed. This heater will effectively reduce the NOx emission to single digit (ppm), while maintaining thermal efficiency levels at 99.8%.

We are proud to be doing our part to keep plants in compliance of these strict standards while significantly reducing the amount of NOx in the air.