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Hospitals Long Term Care University College Water Treatment SolutionsKemco Systems has always worked closely with its institutional clients.  With the acquisition of Bob Johnson & Associates in 2019, the company’s ability to service hospitals, universities, schools, long-term care and governmental facilities expanded dramatically.  Kemco has repositioned itself with the enhanced ability to support a client’s entire water system.  From drinking water to boiler feed water to cooling towers and labs, Kemco has the equipment, services and chemicals to ensure water quality is on point anywhere within the facility.

Challenges, Trends, Opportunities

Legionella planning, testing and abatement remains an ongoing challenge for many facility operators.  Kemco will help establish a Water Management Plan with the purpose of minimizing Legionella and other pathogens in plumbing systems, cooling towers, decorative fountains, and other building water systems.  The clear intention is to reduce the risk of disease for employees, guests, patients and residents.

Infrastructure efficiency and longevity are also pressing issues for building operators.  Scale build up in boilers, cooling towers and fixtures unnecessarily increases energy consumption as well as shortens the life of expensive equipment.  Whether treating these waters mechanically using reverse osmosis or softening technology or increasing your cycles of concentration using scale inhibitors or corrosion control chemicals, Kemco has the playbook to keep facilities operating optimally.

Competitive Advantage

The exceptional breadth of technologies, applications and know-how help maintain Kemco’s lead in this competitive field.  Supported by equipment offerings of softening, media filters, reverse osmosis, service deionization and other novel technologies, Kemco can address most challenges found in institutional applications.  When the technology is coupled with the services of chemical treatment, cooling tower cleaning, water management planning and preventative maintenance there is no need to look elsewhere.

With a state of the art resin regeneration plant centrally located in Houston, TX, Kemco is uniquely positioned to take care of a client’s ultrapure water needs.  Whether regenerating service deionization vessels or client owned resin in bulk, Kemco will ensure a consistent flow of high quality water.

The Houston location also houses an NSF approved chemical blending facility to formulate our line of corrosion inhibitors, membrane cleaners, antiscalants and closed loop chemicals.  Keeping this process in house rather than private labelling or using toll blenders affords Kemco the opportunity to develop new formulations for a client’s specific application in short order.


With over 50 years in the industry, Kemco has assembled a veteran team with experience to help clients address their challenges head on.  The team has proudly worked with hundreds of schools, dozens of universities, and hundreds of hospitals across the country.

Types of Clients

Kemco actively supports some of the world’s leading real estate management companies, hospitals, universities and schools.  Whether a Fortune 500 company or local school district, Kemco has the background and history of helping clients of all sizes.  The Kemco team is big enough to work on the largest of major client projects yet remains agile enough to address the unique needs of its smaller customers, as well.  Whether a single piece of equipment, basic service or a full turn-key mechanical build out at a facility, Kemco’s work spans the full range of institutional clients.

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