Membrane Cleaning

Membrane Cleaning

Over time, reverse osmosis membranes will foul requiring periodic cleaning. This fouling results in higher operating pressures, higher operating costs, lower output and reduced water quality. Kemco provides membrane cleaning chemicals, on-site cleaning service or off-site cleaning by sending your membranes to our Houston facility. Depending on your application, it is recommended that reverse osmosis membranes be cleaned every 3 to 12 months, decreasing operating costs, and increasing output and quality.

Advantages to Membrane Cleaning:

  • Improved water quality
  • Increased output
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced operating pressures

Off-site Cleaning

Off-site membrane cleaning services employ Kemco’s state of the art in house cleaning equipment, experience and ideal cleaning conditions to restore your reverse osmosis membranes as close to original performance specification as possible.  Kemco will test every incoming element and provide a finished test for every outgoing element.  Technicians are also available to assist in the  removal of old membranes, installation of interim membranes and reloading the like new membranes after cleaning.

On-Site Cleaning

On-site cleaning services do not require an extra set of membranes to exchange membranes while one set is being cleaned.  On-site cleaning service eliminates the need to have additional storage or logistical issues, and enables you to have your membrane system back up and running quickly and at optimal performance.

Kemco also offers a full array of preventative maintenance services for Reverse Osmosis Systems.

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