Membrane Tech Forum 2018

Kemco’s VP of Wastewater, Gerry Van Gils and Midwest Regional Sales Manager, John Sutton attended the Membrane Technology Forum in Minneapolis last week. With over 300 participants, the Forum continues to be an excellent opportunity for Kemco to share our latest technologies while gaining new insights and industry connections.

Gerry Van Gils gave a presentation on the treatment process and the results gained on various food processing waste streams using Ceramic Microfiltration (CMF) membranes. An example of one such application is on high strength dairy wastewater where the system removes protein, milk fats and other constituents. This process, combined with reverse osmosis (RO), has provided water that can be reused. In addition to water reuse, this technology provides for possible by-product recovery, instead of the need to dispose of waste residuals.

Other applications of CMF in the food industry include Soy Bean processing, Rice cooking, and Bacon processing wastes.

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