Kemco Connection – Winter 2017

Kemco Connection – Winter 2017 (click image for full pdf)

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Sales Team Meeting 2017

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Kemco Connection – Fall 2017

Kemco Systems

Kemco Connection – Fall 2017 (click image for full pdf)

Update – Kemco will reopen

We are very thankful that there is no apparent damage to the Kemco building, only some minor tree damage was observed. We have power and water and will be open for business on Tuesday, September 12. We hope that everyone has come through the storm with minimal damage and no one was hurt. Please check in with your supervisor today.

Update – Kemco will be closed

Kemco Systems will be closed Monday, September 11, 2017. Please call your supervisor on Monday by 6:00 p.m. to let them know you are safe, assess any damage and find out if Kemco will open on Tuesday.

Check back for updates, stay safe and be prepared.

Hurricane Irma

Please check back for updates from Kemco