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Ceramic Microfiltration System (CMF)

Kemco Kleenwater

Kemco’s Ceramic Microfiltration System is a cost effective way to achieve a high recycle rate for industries that require removal of emulsified and suspended contaminants from wastewater, without the addition of treatment chemicals. Through the use of ceramic elements with porosity of less than .05 micron, wastewater is cleansed to a recyclable quality.

Kemco’s Ceramic Microfiltration System uses highly effective cross flow filtration technology. The wastewater stream runs through ceramic elements in the filter modules, passing through pores in the filter element, to produce a product water filtrate. The cleaned filtrate is diverted to a storage system for recycling. Rejected contaminants are removed in a small “concentrate” stream.

Cross Flow Filtration – by our exclusive membrane supplier and partner Atech Innovations, GmbH