Kemco Systems, the industry leader since 1969, designs custom systems that are built to the highest standards of excellence. Whatever your water handling requirements, your savings begin with low installation costs and continue with significantly lower operating costs. Kemco offers outstanding quality, exceptional reliability, and top value for your energy dollar.

  • Precast/Prestress Concrete Curing
  • Aggregate Bin Heating
  • Concrete Pad Heating
  • Block Kiln Heating
  • Process Water Heating

Kemco Systems - Direct Contact Water Heater RM99


Kemco’s RM99 is a total hot water package, specifically designed and engineered for the Ready-Mix industry. Operating at atmospheric pressure, the unit does not have to meet the regulations of pressurized vessels and it is available with programmable logic controls (PLC). Kemco heaters are sized, based on total yards per hour in peak production time. This ensures that the heater will generate the hot water needed for batching operations.

  • 99.7% Fuel Efficiency
  • Temperature as High as 199°F
  • Non-Pressure Vessel
  • Insurance-Rated Gas Train
  • Economical Choice

Kemco Systems - Vapor Energy Vaporator


The Kemco Vaporator Series is the highest quality steam generator available for concrete curing. Designed to incorporate the latest proven advances in combustion, electronics and automation engineering the Vaporator is available as multi-speed units in sizes ranging from 1.0 to 8.0 million BTU/hr, meeting the needs of even the largest and most complex concrete curing operations.

  • 98% Fuel Efficiency
  • On-Demand Steam Production
  • 35 – 40% Fuel Avoidance
  • Low Pressure Operation
  • Multi-Speed/Multi Output

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