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Delivering superior value and exceptional service, PROTECT is designed to keep your plant running safely and efficiently, while maximizing the life of your equipment.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, our aftermarket team has the extensive knowledge and experience to customize a PROTECT plan based on your unique system that will continue Kemco’s mission to provide the world’s most efficient systems, longest lasting equipment, lowest operating cost, and the best service and support available.

Maintenance Value

  • Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Planned, Non-Emergency Corrective Maintenance
  • Multi-Year Service Level Agreements
  • Operator and Maintenance Training
  • Remote Monitoring and Diagnosis
  • Monthly Reporting Plans

Product Assist

  • 24/7 Troubleshooting HOTLINE
  • Expert Upgrade and Retrofit Recommendations
  • Quick-Ship Delivery of Parts

Frequently Asked Questions

PROTECT is a program designed to keep your Kemco systems running safely and efficiently, while maximizing equipment life and managing life-cycle cost of ownership.

PROTECT is a tailored solution unique to your system and budgetary needs. With over 50 years combined experience our Aftermarket Team will define the best maintenance, repair and parts services to keep your equipment running smoothly and safely for years to come, allowing you to save on untimely repairs and reduce unnecessary downtime.

Kemco custom builds your PROTECT plan from a variety of services for your water, filtration and thermal energy system needs. These include and are not limited to:

  • Performance Evaluations
  • Material Condition Inspections
  • Safeties Inspections
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Rebuilds and Exchanges
  • Water Analysis
  • Spare Parts
  • Training

Absolutely. The first few years of the equipment life-cycle is crucial to establishing best maintenance practices and maximizing savings for your plants’ long-term success. Analysis is done during this time that is based on usage and environmental effects that provides a predictive road map of maintenance intervals, future parts needs and potential repair activities.

Absolutely not, it is never too late to incorporate best maintenance practices, parts management and operational upgrades to extend the lifetime of your system and begin taking advantage of the cost savings. Already having a good understanding of the system usage and any environmental effects, will allow you to begin witnessing the benefits in a timelier fashion.

Sometimes a new capital investment can take a little time to realize. There can be budgetary time lines and potential unforeseen delays within company approval processes, as well as, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning time lines to consider. PROTECT can provide maintenance, repair or rebuild services giving you peace of mind during these transitions and keeping your plant running as optimally as possible.

Achieving the longest possible life-cycle for any piece of equipment is directly related to the knowledge and experience level of your operation and maintenance personnel. PROTECT provides training services that will refresh experienced personnel and bring new hires up to speed quickly and efficiently. Because PROTECT is a customized solution, we can tailor our services to incorporate the involvement of your staff in maintenance, repair, or rebuild activities. Kemco can also perform maintenance, repair, or rebuild activities exclusively, allowing your staff to focus on maintaining core business equipment.

Having parts available is essential to keeping your system at peak performance and minimizing downtime. With PROTECT we can assist you with your parts list to identify necessary on hand spare parts for emergencies, maintenance, or repair activities. By reviewing your system and PROTECT services, we can define what parts and repair kits are needed and help you manage that inventory whether on-site or in our warehouse, ensuring you have the right parts at the right time, every time.

Yes. Each system entering the PROTECT program will be evaluated for their ability to meet “Like New” conditions and optimal operating conditions. This discovery screening will be conducted to determine what parts need to be replaced or re-worked for full restoration. From the screening, a plan that includes associated costs will be presented. Once this is accepted, parts will be acquired and labor will be scheduled for the pre-plan visit. If at any point during these evaluations, it is discovered that the system cannot be restored to safe and efficient operation, we will promptly notify you and discuss our recommended next steps.

If the equipment is restorable, the overhaul event will happen prior to entering the system in the PROTECT program. When safety is not a concern in the current condition of the equipment but optimization and reliability are questionable, the completion of overhaul (and even associated costs) can be scheduled in conjunction with your PROTECT plan visits.

The typical term for PROTECT is a two-year plan investment. This helps us optimize costs to you and bring you savings over one-time visits. Because we realize maintenance budgets are limited, we can either offer these programs with a one-time fee for the duration or collect a down payment upon initiating and monthly payments, thereafter, until the plan price is satisfied.

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