Resin Regeneration and Service DI

Service Deionization Exchange

Kemco provides full Service Deionization (SDI) tank exchange programs.  SDI is a safe, convenient and cost effective means to supply high purity deionized water for a wide variety of critical applications. 

With portable DI tank exchange, Kemco Systems experts take care of everything from installation to service. There is no capital expenditure on costly regeneration equipment or onsite storage or handling of hazardous chemicals as Kemco replaces and regenerates tanks offsite in their centrally located, state of the art facility in Houston.

Whether on an as-needed basis or scheduled into your preventative maintenance program, Kemco Systems provides a reliable source of deionized water to your facility.

DI water tanks are available in various sizes, ion exchange resin types, and flexible configurations to meet your process water needs.

  • Tank sizes from .25 to 60 cubic ft
  • No chemical handling or maintenance required
  • Monitoring options available

Resin Regeneration

Kemco also provides regeneration services for clients who own their tanks and resin.

Resin RegenerationRegeneration services for customer-owned tanks or resin in bulk are performed in-house at the Kemco Systems facility, centrally located in Houston, TX.  Regenerating resin offsite eliminates the need for capital spending and removes the risks associated with hazardous chemical storage and handling.  Furthermore, the finished quality is controlled by the highly trained operators at Kemco whose sole job it is to regenerate your resin back to optimal performance.

Applications and Benefits: 


  • Boiler feed
  • Laboratory
  • Research
  • Rinse Water
  • Polishing
  • Medical
  • Manufacturing


  • Minimum capital investment
  • Reduce safety risks
  • No hazardous chemicals stored or handled on your site
  • Environmental compliance
  • No regenerant wastewater discharge

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