What’s the big deal with recycling?

Five reasons why Kemco cares about water and energy recycling

Water can easily be considered an endless resource, right? We turn on the faucet every day and water is available, ready for use. It can seem unlimited to the average citizen of a developed country. What we don’t realize, is that water is actually a very limited resource. Due to immense increases in world population, water demand is approaching unsustainable levels. It is expected that by 2050, water demand will increase by 55% worldwide. So how can we ensure a sustainable water supply? The answer is reducing usage and RECYCLING. For nearly 50 years Kemco has provided systems to the industrial market that employ innovative technologies to recover waste energy and recycle industrial wastewater. These highly-efficient systems conserve our freshwater resources, reduce energy consumption and costs, as well as minimize our clients environmental footprint. Below are 5 reasons why no company can ignore the need for water and energy recycling systems in the future.

Reason #1: Limited
Water is one of the most valuable resources on earth. It is necessary for all forms of life. As mentioned above, the earth’s water supply is extremely limited and this is the most important reason why water recycling and reuse is so crucial. There is no alternative to sustainable water supply other than water recycling systems, which help to preserve the earth’s natural water resources.

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Reason #2: Cash
Large manufacturing plants consume enormous amounts of water and energy. The by-products, such as wastewater and thermal energy, can be recycled by using state-of-the-art technology. For the manufacturing plant, this means higher efficiency and lower costs for water and energy, resulting in higher cashflows for the company.

Reason #3: Environment
Wastewater can pollute the environment and lead to ecological problems in our seas, rivers, and ecosystems. Companies, as well as individuals, must take responsibility to preserve our environment for future generations. Advanced systems to treat wastewater minimize harmful pollution and significantly lower the negative environmental impact of a manufacturing plant. Heat recovery systems minimize the carbon footprint and contribute to a more environmentally-friendly production process. .

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Reason #4: Fresh Water Supply
There are many applications that do not require the use of fresh water. Recycled water can be used in many areas: agriculture, landscape, public parks, irrigation, and dust control to name a few. Since these applications can require substantial amounts of water, recycling water is crucial for sustainability. Chemically treated water is not ideal for agricultural applications. Advanced filtration systems recycle wastewater without the use of chemicals, creating usable water, safe for agricultural applications.

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Reason #5: Law
Many states have compliance regulations regarding industrial wastewater. Before wastewater can be discharged into the public sewer systems, contamination levels must meet the state’s guidelines or the plant could be charged with hefty fines. These regulations protect the municipal and state water systems. Ceramic microfiltration and reverse osmosis systems reduce contamination levels by nearly 100%, reducing discharge costs and increasing water reuse rates, saving water usage and dollars for industrial plants.