World Water Day

Since 1969, Kemco Systems has been committed to water and energy conservation innovation. Our systems are designed to reduce wastewater contamination, increase sustainability, and minimize wasted energy. We understand how water reuse/recycle can help fight climate change and provide innovative solutions that are cost-effective and sustainable. By recycling and reusing wastewater in industrial processing plants Kemco systems save millions of gallons of contaminated water each year from being discharged into our freshwater resources. Our patent-pending wastewater filtration system removes nearly 100% of the harmful contaminants found in industrial wastewater and produces water of the highest quality for use back into industrial processes.

By increasing recycle rates and decreasing water usage, Kemco wastewater systems save over 22,000,000 of water per year.

Kemco Systems - Annual Recycle Water

That’s a lot of water savings!

Understanding that water is the primary resource affected by climate change, with repercussions on the supply of drinking water, sanitation, and water used for food and energy production, is important in our current climate. We need to embrace recycling systems and use water more efficiently as the global population grows. This will increase demand for water and deplete our natural resources, damaging our environment. Water is our most precious resource and increasing the safe reuse of wastewater is an essential segment in fighting climate change.

Choosing the right partner to guide you through these challenges is instrumental in achieving your plant goals. Kemco Systems has over 50 years in designing systems specific to our customers unique water and energy challenges, producing optimum results in energy efficiency, water recycle rates, and quality of reusable water. We would love to start a conversation with you regarding your plant’s goals.