Kemco Systems

Wastewater Treatment & Recycling System

Wastewater Recycling

Up to 95% Recycle

Conserve Water and Energy

Kemco Systems - Flue Gas Heat Recovery System

Flue Gas Heat Recovery System

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Custom Design Systems

Fast ROI

Kemco Systems - Laundry Process

Laundry Process Water System

Energy Efficient

Hot Water for Laundry

Custom Design Systems

Kemco Systems - Hot Water Heating System

Hot Water Heating System

98% Efficient

Custom Design Systems

For Textiles, Laundries, Food Processors

Kemco Systems - Concrete Hot Water System

Concrete Hot Water System

Custom Design for Concrete Plants

On-demand Hot Water

Fast ROI

Kemco Worldwide Savings

Water Saved with Kemco Systems

Since September 2015 (gallons)

Latest News

  • Kemco Systems - Mobile Pilot CMF ROIntroducing Kemco’s Mobile Pilot SystemJuly 29, 2015 - 12:32 PM

    Kemco can deploy small, pilot scale treatment systems to treat your plant’s wastewater on-site. Pilot studies are used to confirm the projected water treatment goals using your actual plant wastewater. Our pilot is a fully functional, small scale treatment system completely installed inside a standard shipping container. You provide electricity and wastewater and it can […]

Featured Project

  • Kemco Systems - Ceramic Microfiltration Reverse Osmosis CMF RO HydrocycloneFeatured ProjectSeptember 21, 2015 - 2:30 PM

    Sustainability, energy efficiency, “Green” concepts, LEED building design are often touched on in commercial laundry design meetings and reviews, but how often do decision makers grant the approval to move forward with these ideas realizing the environmental impact if these ideas are not incorporated? Fuel Energy and Water – Water is still required to wash; […]