Water Treatment Systems and Chemicals

Kemco’s water treatment systems enhance your company’s sustainability initiatives with solutions that eliminate contaminants, prevent corrosion, fouling, and scaling to downstream operations, and produce exceptional water for reuse and discharge. 

Water treatment manages problem areas in industrial water processes that include scaling, foulingcorrosion, microbiological activity, and disposal of wastewaterIf left untreated these problem areas can cause damage to pipelines and systems, lower energy efficiencies, encourage bacteria growth, and increase discharge compliance costs. 

Kemco’s water treatment solutions include quality fresh and wastewater systems that provide your plant with lower operating costs, increased efficiencies, and a reduced environmental impact. 

Fresh Water 

Affluent, or incoming fresh water contains impurities that include hardness ions, like calcium and magnesium as well as salt ions. Left untreated these ions can cause corrosion, fouling, and scaling in downstream equipmentdecreasing efficiencies and contaminating processes. Treating the incoming fresh water significantly decreases damage to processing systems, while increasing efficiencies and reducing risk of contamination. 


Effluent, or outgoing wastewater contains viruses & bacteria, PFAS, PFOS, BOD, TSS, TDS, synthetic dyes, and other harmful contaminants that pollute the environment and generate high costs in discharge compliance fees and finesWastewater that is treated can be used back into processes lowering costs and minimizing your environmental footprint.  

 Water Softener 

Beginning water processes with water softening equipment greatly increases the effectiveness of your processes downstream and minimizes damage to downstream equipment, fouling, scaling, and thermal efficiency loss. 

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