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Interested in learning how a KLEENWATER™ water recycling system can benefit your commercial laundry?

With two-thirds of the global population projected to reside in water-stressed areas by 2025, industries reliant on water must adapt to the evolving landscape of regulation and scarcity. The commercial laundry sector is dominated by water-intensive processes, making the need for innovative solutions undeniable. This white paper explores the environmental, governmental and public forces that are driving industry professionals nationwide to reduce their facilities’ water consumption and minimize excessive wastewater discharge by implementing appropriate water recycling. 
Kemco Systems’ patented KLEENWATER system is an innovative solution designed to meet the needs of industrial laundry professionals. By utilizing a combination of ceramic membrane filtration and reverse osmosis, the KLEENWATER efficiently and effectively treats wastewater for appropriate reuse applications. The KLEENWATER boasts water recycling rates between 75-85% and can significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions by reducing facility heating loads. Download “Washing Waste Away: Water Recycling in Commercial Laundry” to learn more about how sustainable practices benefit your industrial laundry business.
In this white paper, we explore:
  • Social and financial benefits of embracing sustainability through water recycling
  • How the KLEENWATER™ System removes contaminants resulting in filtrate free of oils, greases, suspended solids, viruses, bacteria and microplastics
  • ROI of the KLEENWATER™ System
Embrace the future of sustainability; contact Kemco Systems today to learn how the KLEENWATER™ System fits into your facility.

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