Storage and Transfer Tanks

Water Storage & Distribution Systems 

Kemco water storage and distribution systems readily provide volume at pressures required for downstream processes, eliminating fluctuations in pressure and volume. Our stainless-steel tank can be cylindrical flat or conical bottom, horizontal or vertical, or oblong.

Water Storage

Available Features

  • Stainless Steel, FRP or HDPE Construction
  • Level Monitoring and Control
  • Inlet Valve(s)
  • Stands
  • Threaded or Flanged Connections
  • Top and Side Manways
  • Supports for external structures


  • Cold Water Storage
  • Tempered Water Storage
  • Hot Water Storage
  • Reuse Water Storage
  • Boiler Feed Water Systems
  • Recycle Water Storage
  • Wastewater Storage
  • Equalization
  • Sludge Collection, Conditioning


Prefabricated tanks up to 25,000 gallons – larger build-in-place tanks available

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