Valve Nests


Various sizes and types of valve nests are used in almost every project at Kemco Systems. For the most commonly used valves, standard valve nests were designed. All of the valve nests share similar configurations and have been optimized to use prefabricated spool pieces as much as possible. Both single and dual valve nests with the same header pipe diameter are all the same length; i.e. all nests with 2-inch diameter piping are all 45 inches long. All valve nests include a manual bypass for plant operation during maintenance, a throttling mechanism for in-field tuning, and a test connection for field pressure tests.


  • Open/Close vs. Modulating –The majority of valve nests at Kemco are Open/Close type valves, however, there are standard modulating valve nests as well. This document will focus on the Open/Close Valves. 
  • Single and Dual –Kemco manufactures both single and dual valve nests. Dual valve nests are used when a system may need an average and emergency feed. During average, only one valve is open and during an emergency rate, both are open to double the flow.
  • Material –Kemco’s standard valve nests are made of Type 304. However, custom valve nests can be made for projects that require other piping materials.
  • Voltage–Most often, Kemco valve nests use 120VAC valves. However, we also have 24 VDC valve nests  per customer requests.
  • Sizes/Valve Types–Open/Close valves under 3 inches in diameter are solenoid driven utilizing slow-closing valves to prevent water hammer damage. A solenoid valve is a combination of two basic functional units: 1) a solenoid (electromagnet) with its core and 2) a valve body containing one or more orifices. The flow through an orifice is shut off or allowed by the movement of the core when the solenoid is energized or de-energized. Open/Close valves 3 inches in diameter and over are pneumatic type.

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