Kemco Systems Welcomes Armani Duarte Pereira Morato as Summer 2022 Mechanical Engineering Intern

Kemco Systems is proud to introduce Armani Duarte Pereira Morato as our Summer 2022 Mechanical Engineering Intern. He is expected to graduate from University of South Florida in May 2024 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Armani’s Beginnings in Mechanical Engineering

Armani began his collegiate career in Bolivar, Missouri at Southwest Baptist University. There he enrolled in pre-engineering classes while playing for the school’s soccer team. Later, he transferred to University of South Florida to pursue a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. When asked why he chose mechanical engineering above other engineering disciplines, Armani says, “I enjoyed the versatility of mechanical engineering and the vast opportunities for unique projects.”

Armani shared he has always enjoyed the idea of building objects; from the drawing board to the result, he finds that developing products is a challenging and enjoyable experience. As a college student, he took up 3D printing as a hobby, creating things for his friends and even designing a fully functional chess board.

What Does a Mechanical Engineering Intern Do at Kemco Systems?

Daily, Armani can be found working on standardizing drawings and assemblies of Kemco’s diverse systems, assisting with troubleshooting assembly processes and looking for ways to facilitate lean manufacturing processes. Additionally, Armani analyzes shop and labor hours to find helpful patterns in the company’s recorded data. His responsibilities assist the project managers in communicating projected delivery dates to Kemco’s end customers.

In addition to the hands-on experience Armani is gaining, he is also participating in professional development courses offered by Kemco. These courses aim to teach interns soft skills and introduce them to skills needed to adjust to company life outside of the classroom. Kemco interns are offered career-based soft skills and a platform to apply their existing knowledge from their programs of study.

Why Become a Kemco Intern?

As an intern, Armani hopes to learn as much from Kemco engineers and leadership as he can. He enjoys the size of the Kemco team, and the resulting ability to communicate with and learn from each team member individually, including the CEO.

Armani also shares, “Kemco’s mission for environmental progress was a major factor in my decision to intern with Kemco. When I leave work for the day, I feel like I have helped the climate and the community.” When choosing his internship, Armani wanted to find a way to use mechanical engineering to contribute to society, and Kemco was the best place to do just that. Upon completion of his internship, Armani hopes to join the workforce and explore the vast applications of mechanical engineering.

To learn more about the Kemco Systems team, visit our blog, or visit our website to apply for our next internships.

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