Kemco Intelligence (KI™)

Kemco’s Monarch control system with “Kemco Intelligence” (KI™), optimizes process variables through perfectly balancing water and energy processing equipment. This user-friendly, multi-point, touchscreen lifts your systems operation to the next level with better visualization, quality graphics, and alarm, trends and events data at your fingertips. Monarch with KI™ controls can acquire, store, and log data efficiently allowing for most process variables to be trended and providing you with a true efficiency evaluation. With Monarch and KI™, you operate at optimal design efficiency, and realize 100% of your ROI throughout the life of your system.

Data Collection

  • Real Time & Historical Alarm Log – with supplemental data, such as alarm duration and count to improve visibility
  • Operation Log – records operator actions on the HMI, displays them in real-time, and records them to an SQLite database.
  • Trend Display – information is sampled and plotted in data vs. time, graphs. Data is stored in the HMI memory for up to 2 years.
  • Event Chart – tracks system operation to easily view run times in graphs.

IIOT Tools

  • Remote Viewer – monitor the HMI from a PC, Industrial Panel PC, iPad or Android tablet or smartphone.
  • Alarm Notification – send an email direct to key personnel from the HMI, including a snapshot of the process data.

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