Direct Contact Water Heater – Low NOx

The Kemco low NOx heater has a nozzle-mix type burner fitted with specially-designed combustion chamber. The heater is guaranteed to produce less than 9 ppm of NOx when the heater is operated at design conditions and in accordance with operating procedures.

Recent Kemco Project Achieved – 7.6 ppm NOx and 150 ppm CO at 99% Thermal Efficiency


  • Swing-Away Air Housing provides easy access to internal components. No disconnection of fuel or power lines required.
  • Rugged Surface Stabilized Premix Combustion Element ensures quiet combustion and ultra-low NOx/CO emissions throughout entire firing range.
  • Ultra Low NOx Emissions, below 9 ppm achieved without FGR
  • UL/cUL Listed from 2.5 to 25 MM BTU
  • Designed to meet the standards of Air Quality Management Districts

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