Direct Contact Water Heater-RM 99

KEMCO RM 99 is a total hot water system package, specifically engineered and designed for the Ready Mix Industry.

KEMCO Direct Contact Water Heaters are the solution to your hot water requirements. The technology from KEMCO guarantees 99.7% efficiency and provides instantaneous hot water on demand.

Operating at atmospheric pressure, the unit does not have to meet the regulations of pressurized vessels and it is available with total programmable logic controls (PLC).

Pre-piped Package Systems supply the ready mix plant with a ready to go set up. This service will reduce installation time and costs.

KEMCO heaters are sized based on total yards per hour in peak production time. This insures that the heater will generate the hot water needed for batching operations. The chart below will help sizing the KEMCO RM 99 Direct Contact Water Heater for each application.

In industrial applications, reliable and cost-efficient water heating might seem like an impossible feat. But with Kemco’s direct contact commercial water heaters, you can achieve the capacity, sustainability, and costs you need to achieve your goals.

When Exploring Commercial Water Heaters For Sale, Consider Direct Contact

Direct contact water heaters offer a more energy-efficient and affordable way for plant owners and operators to maintain their hot water requirements. Kemco Systems technology offers high efficiency and instantaneous hot water on-demand, allowing you to check every box your plant needs for smooth operation. With less waste and more dependability, our commercial water heaters can provide the solutions you’ve been seeking.

We Make It Simple to Find the Most Efficient Commercial Water Heaters For Sale

Whether you’re operating in food manufacturing, commercial laundering, or ready-mix concrete development, Kemco direct contact water heaters can fulfill your every need for efficiency. Kemco direct contact water heaters are sized based on your plant’s peak production time, allowing for more accurate hot water heating. What’s more, Kemco’s commercial water heaters feature pre-piped systems that offer easy setup, reducing the time and expense required for installation. The Kemco RM 99, which is just one of our commercial water heaters for sale, is specifically designed and engineered for the ready-mix concrete industry — but with so many direct contact water heater systems to choose from, Kemco offers a commercial option for virtually any application.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce unnecessary spending and energy waste or you are in the market for a more lightweight and reliable alternative to conventional water heating options, Kemco Systems is here to address all of your needs. For more information on our commercial water heaters for sale, please contact us today.

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