Sludge Dewatering

Sludge dewatering systems effectively separates solid waste residuals from wastewater. The solid waste can be disposed of separately to landfills, leading to a cleaner wastewater discharge. The filter press is used for DAF, ASH, and CMF sludge dewatering and greatly reduces waste treatment and disposal hauling (haul-off) costs.

High Mixing Energy

Kemco’s innovative tube flocculator increases chemical treatment efficiency and reduces the time required for flocculation of the waste particles, making the waste particles highly buoyant and rise rapidly to the flotation surface for skimming and dewatering. This process eliminates the need for chemical reaction tanks and mixers and requires less surface area with higher flow rates.

Oil & Grease248016
Cadmium0.18less than 0.02
Chromium0.24less than 0.02
Copper1.16less than 0.10
Lead0.87less than 0.10
Nickel0.48less than 0.05
Zinc1.93less than 0.03

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