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Stack Economizer

Typical gas fired heaters and boilers send 20% (or more) of their consumed energy out the exhaust stack. This loss can mean that for every dollar spent on fuel, the boiler system returns only 65 to 70 cents worth of useful heat after transmission losses.

If your plant operations require intensive hot water usage and your boiler load exceeds 100HP, the super efficient FLUE GAS HEAT RECLAIMER (Stack Economizer) from Kemco Systems will recover virtually 100% of the heat going up your stack. Kemco’s flue gas heat recovery system will result in the highest energy savings possible. The dollars saved on fuel in just one year may be enough to pay for the cost of the stystem. This rapid return on investment exceeds that of other conventional economizers on the market today.

Traditional finned-tube units cannot reduce boiler stack temperature below 280°F without self destructing from cold end corrosion. Kemco’s Stack Economizer can safely reduce stack gases as low as 40°F.