Gloriane Delgadillo Roca – Employee Spotlight

Gloriane Delgadillo Roca joined the KEMCO Systems team in November 2021 as a Project/Applications Engineer. She graduated from University of South Florida in May 2021 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Gloriane states that she has always been interested in math, science and other STEM concepts. She expresses an in-depth interest in the specifics of how atoms and molecules come together as a whole to create the world around us. She applies this interest and her educational background to contribute to KEMCO System’s development of industry leading water and energy solutions.

Her main goal is to bring a higher level of sustainability to the world of chemical engineering by improving the industry through optimizing existing processes or by creating brand new, more sustainable processes when needed. She states that this is one of the major reasons why she chose KEMCO Systems as the place to begin her professional career.

KEMCO, an industry leader in sustainable technologies, specializes in water conservation systems, wastewater reuse and recycling systems and heat recovery systems. These technologies afford KEMCO customers the ability to reduce their environmental footprint and forward their sustainable practices.

On a day-to-day basis, she can be found referencing project scopes to ensure that system designs are accurate to each order. She initiates the first level of checks and pushes each project through the rest of the multi-checking process. During fabrication, she provides answers to manufacturing questions about the equipment design and requirements. She uses her knowledge of industry standards to perform quality control of all equipment associated with her projects before they leave the facility. This process ensures that the customer receives items that meet not only customer specifications but KEMCO’s high standards and sees that each project exceeds efficiency thresholds. Gloriane also prepares quotes and proposals for our clients, detailing The Discovery Agreement, which includes the customer’s goals and how KEMCO’s solutions will help see those goals realized. Gloriane then details exact customer specifications, system components and appurtenances, pricing summary, including start up and standard terms and conditions for each quote that she writes.

Her attention to detail and problem-solving skills make her perfect for the job. She uses her strengths in every aspect of her career and works to ensure the customer is given the best experience Kemco can offer.

Delgadillo Roca has already become a valuable member of the KEMCO team. She is eager to learn from her peers’ experience and plans to use what she learns from them to guide her efforts to create a more sustainable future for the industry.

Delgadillo Roca also chose KEMCO because she wants to be sure that she is a part of a company that cares about their clients, and can create specific, customized solutions for each customer with a focus on product longevity, and environmental consciousness. She shares KEMCO’s passion to create and deliver sustainable energy and water solutions to each client.

We are proud to have Gloriane on our team, and we are eager to see her achieve her goals.

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