Malika Berrada Joins the KEMCO Team as a Project Engineer

KEMCO Systems is pleased to announce the hire of our newest Project Engineer, Malika Berrada. Malika will be working with the engineering team to address the needs of our customers and ensuring our products are the best fit for their facilities and applications. She will also be assisting quality control to ensure our products are manufactured to the highest quality and efficiency standards that KEMCO customers expect.  

Malika’s Beginnings in Sustainability

Before joining KEMCO, Malika attended University of South Florida, earning a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. She has been passionate about sustainability efforts throughout her education. Berrada studied wastewater and water recycling topics in hopes to apply preventative solutions to industrial facilities and build a better future for our planet. Her dedication to the environment is reflected in her senior capstone project in wastewater treatment. Her project afforded her with hands-on applications in both technical and economic aspects of water recycling processes that ultimately give facilities the ability to prevent wastewater issues that can harm the environment before they happen.

KEMCO believes in the importance of actively striving to limit the environmental footprints of our customers, using wastewater and water reuse and water recycling systems. Malika’s goals are a perfect fit for KEMCO’s mission to create a better future for our planet.  

During her time at University of South Florida, Berrada gained valuable team coordination and leadership skills as she served as Expo Chair for University of South Florida’s American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE) Chapter. AICHE is one of the largest groups of professional chemical engineers in the nation, and enabled Malika to enrich her education and learn from other chemical engineers first-hand. During her time as Expo Chair, she had the opportunity to coordinate interdepartmentally at USF and build project management skills, that she now uses in her daily tasks as Project Engineer here at KEMCO.

Why KEMCO Systems?

Berrada explains that a major reason she chose to begin her career at KEMCO focuses on the sustainability of KEMCO’s products, and our mission for a better global environment in the future. She was eager to join the KEMCO team to help further innovate and improve on technologies to create a higher level of efficiency and sustainability for the benefit of KEMCO customers and our environment.

One of her main goals is to help expand KEMCO’s product applications to distribute efficient and sustainable water recycling products past the concrete and laundry industries that KEMCO already leads in.

She aims to raise efficiency not only by further optimizing products, but also by optimizing digital communication across KEMCO as a company to ensure that each team member is thriving in their position and working as a coherent whole. While in school, Malika also worked as a phone tech in Information Technology at University of South Florida. During her time in this role, Malika gained experience automating processes using PowerShell and providing in-person assistance with university technology across campus. The skills she learned at USF give her the insight and skills to implement new processes to raise efficiency in our team’s digital communication patterns.

What Does a Project Engineer do Day-to-Day?

Berrada’s role as project engineer requires her to communicate with the entire KEMCO team from conception to delivery of each of her projects. She can be found referencing proposals prepared by fellow applications engineers and determining product designs’ details to optimize products based on customers’ facility sizes and specific applications.

Before delivery, Berrada participates in the quality control process. She works with her colleagues to complete a detailed check of each product, ensuring that each customer receives a product that exceeds the high-quality standards that KEMCO customers expect.

Malika’s mission for sustainability alongside her dedication to product quality and efficiency makes her a valuable addition to the KEMCO team and our customers. We are excited to have Malika Berrada as our newest Project Engineer and are looking forward to watching her grow as a leader in our industry.

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