Kemco Systems Introduces Dana Lanza as Summer 2022 Electrical Engineering Intern

Introducing Dana Lanza

Kemco Systems introduces Dana Lanza as a summer electrical engineering intern. Dana is graduating from University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in August 2022.

When asked what lead her to pursue a degree in electrical engineering, she shares, “I knew from a young age that I wanted to build things that help as many people as possible.” This was a decision she made when she visited a loved one in the hospital as a child and saw how much equipment hospitals use to help their patients.

Once she began attending college at USF, Dana had to decide upon a degree that would both fit her interests and enable her to help the most people. She began in architecture, then moved to computer science and finally landed in electrical engineering, as it was the perfect intersection of passion and interests and has such a variety of applications in the workforce.

Dana’s Day-To-Day

At Kemco, Dana is gaining hands-on experience from our lead electrical engineers. Daily, Dana is in the office drafting documents that assist the Kemco team in labeling control panels so they can be Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Certified, or programming PLCs for Kemco products. If she is not in her office, Dana can be found in the control panel assembly room. Her tasks ensure that each electrical control panel and product produced by Kemco systems is built to rigorous standards and is of the highest quality for our customers.

Dana is a creative thinker who is motivated to help people and do good for humanity. Here at Kemco, her efforts help us to deliver the highest quality water recycling, reuse and heat reclamation systems.

Dana’s Future

Dana has accepted a position at Raytheon Technologies, upon graduation where she will be creating schematics for electrical PCV’s and CCV design.

We are proud to have Dana Lanza participate in our internship program and are excited to watch her grow as a young professional electrical engineer.

To learn more about the Kemco Systems team, visit our blog, or visit our website to apply for our next internships.

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