Kemco Systems Vapormite: Curing Solutions

Kemco Systems Vapormite: Curing Solutions for Aggregate Bin and Concrete Pad Heating, Precast and Prestress Curing and Block Kiln Heating

Since 1986, Kemco Systems has worked within the concrete industry to ensure curing temperatures are appropriate regardless of the site conditions. Vapor energy equipment is specifically developed and designed for the needs of the precast, concrete and ready-mix industries. Kemco’s Vapor Energy solutions guarantee smooth, reliable operation while ensuring consistency of concrete mix in cold weather and producing quality products while offering the highest efficiency levels available in the market.

Curing is more than simply hardening of the concrete, it is the glue that binds aggregates together to provide a strong, water-tight and durable concrete product. Incorporating the latest proven advances in combustion, electronics and automation engineering, the Vapormite is an energy-efficient vapor generator that helps control the curing process for those critical precast applications. Kemco’s commitment to innovative design made it one of the prime suppliers of steam generation equipment in the industry.

Vapormite is available in four sizes; 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0MMBTU/hr, all single speed for the greatest flexibility, ease of operation and minimum maintenance. The Vapormite is 98% fuel efficient and features on-demand steam production, 40-60% fuel avoidance, low pressure operation, PLC-Based system control panel, high early compression strengths and UL508a listed industrial control panel. This vapor generator is used in applications such as aggregate bin heating, concrete pad heating, precast and prestress concrete curing and block kiln heating.

As prefabrication and modularization become a larger segment of the construction industry, Kemco’s ability to support precast yards has increased. No matter what you produce; curing pipe, prestress, block and dry or wet cast, Kemco products allow your plant to achieve maximum output efficiently.

To learn more about Kemco Systems custom water and energy solutions for the concrete industry, contact our team or visit our website.

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